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6X6 Reinforcing 6 Gauge Welded Wire Mesh Fence Panels

6X6 Reinforcing 6 Gauge Welded Wire Mesh Fence Panels

6×6 reinforcing 6 gauge welded wire mesh fence panels 

Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded mesh fencing is a single of the greatest-offering objects of Skyhall Fence. With this merchandise Skyhall Fence delivers clients a fencing remedy that lowers the task funds and provides a fascinating-search and stability-ensured fencing decision. Welded mesh fencing owns its recognition to its lovely design and style and safety nature.

Welded mesh fencing panels are made of large quality metal wires. Welded jointly by parallel horizontal wires and vertical wires to type a sturdy panel. With suitable size of the triangle bends and suited colours of powder coating with a range of colour alternatives, this kind of as yellow, green, pink, it tends to make this solution have a distinctive aesthetic result. With different coloration combinations of posts and mesh panels it helps make the fencing very eye-pleasing. And the posts usually arrive with plate flanges and expansion bolts which make the installation very rapidly. Welded mesh fencing are typically utilised in mix with peach publish, sq. post or spherical post. CZPTers can decide on a single of them by their choice.

Welded mesh fencing are already broadly employed in highways, roads, railways, airports, factories, buildings, household regions, ports, urban green areas, gardens, flower beds and greenland. Welded mesh fencing have this sort of features which are high toughness, good rigidity, good-seeking in visual appeal, wide look at, basic set up.

Welded Mesh Fencing Requirements

Height: 1030mm / 1230mm / 1430mm / 1630mm / 1830mm / 2030mm / 2230mm
WIDTH: 2000mm / 2500mm
WIRE THICKNESS: four.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm
MESH Measurement: 200mm*50mm / 200mm*55mm
Post square submit (60mm*60mm), peach put up, swallow tail post(60mm)
CLAMP: steel clamp / anti-UV plastic clamp / no clamp
Publish CAP: metal cap / anti-UV plastic cap
Surface area:

Sizzling Dipped Galvanized (505g/m²)

CZPT Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

CZPT Galvanized + PVC Coated



  1. Top: the height of the fence panel.
  2. Width: the length in between two posts, measure from centre to middle
  3. Wire Thickness: diameter of the wire
  4. Peach Submit: special post variety, seems like a peach. Peach post do not wants clamps to set up the fence panel.
  5. Sizzling Dipped Galvanized: dip the fence in to a container that is complete of liquid zinc, to stop the welded mesh fence from getting rusty.
  6. CZPT Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated: electrical galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – area remedy inside, polyester powder layer outside, to stop the welded mesh fence from acquiring rusty.
  7. CZPT Galvanized + PVC Coated: electrical galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment within, then dip the fence in to a container that is total of liquid PVC, to stop the welded mesh fencing from obtaining rusty.


See via panel

Welded mesh fencing has the big mesh like 200mm*50mm, so you can see the inside properties via the weld mesh fence panels. To design and style the mesh size to be 200mm*50mm, its physical appearance will appear relaxed on the human visual feeling. At the same time, it can be coordinated with the welded mesh fencing top, width and the folds.

Folds on panel

There are two sorts of folds on the welded mesh fencing:the massive folds, which is 200mm size the modest folds, which is 100mm length. Usually the processing fees of the modest folds is greater than the huge ones, because the handcraft is far more complex. And the folds on the wire mesh fence panels can boost its effect resistance.


Easy installation

The welded mesh fencing is composed by the mesh fence panels, the put up and the clamps. The main areas of this steel mesh fence is very simple. And the clamps is specially designed for the welded mesh fence and its publish. After you see these fittings of welded mesh fencing and our explanation of installation, you will create your welded mesh fencing yourself!


Since of the processing and the raw content, the welded mesh fencing price is fairly economic between the huge fencing method. The variables to influence the wire mesh fence costs are the wire thickness, the mesh dimensions, the size, the submit measurement. The thicker of the wire thickness, the smaller of the mesh dimension, the bigger of the measurement, the cost will be increased.


The look of the welded mesh fencing appears extremely comfortable outside the house. Compared with the barbed wire and concertina razor wire, welded mesh fencing panels is not sharp and unsafe. And you can also pick whatsoever coloration you like, with the bright stunning coloration, the welded mesh fencing can also engage in a ornamental part for your home.


After understand about the general introduction of our welded mesh fencing, you could have confidence in its stability easily. 1st of all, it welded by the lower carbon steel wire, it is absolutely a lot more powerful than the wood ones or bamboo types Second, the folds on the weld mesh panels can also increase its influence resistance from the exterior affect. Third, you can CZPT the fence with the top and the dimension of the post you want, so to break a welded mesh fence, it may possibly a really challenging task to do.

Not Anti-Reduce

Due to the fact of the mesh dimension is 200mm*50mm for the welded mesh fencing, its male-created sabotage resistance is lower. Folks can use pliers to minimize the wire and wipe out the fence panel. So if you put the protection on your priority, you experienced greater pick the fence with smaller meshes.

The Set up Of the Welded Mesh Fencing

The set up of welded mesh fencing is not so difficult. CZPTly speaking, there are primarily two ways to make them more secure standing on the floor.

The 1st one particular is to use flange and anchor bolts. Make confident the width of the fence panel and the distance between the two posts, and measure the size between the two posts by their edges, and then make certain the size is the identical. Then you can use the anchor bolts to fasten the flange tightly on the ground, and the posts will be secure at the identical.Up coming, use the metal clamps or plastic clamps to make a link with the panels. Estimate the size of the panels and make positive one clamp at the very least every 50cm vertically. The washier ought to be keeping the wire and lined by clamps.

The other way of set up is to bury the submit into the earth. The size of the publish below the ground can be changeable. But usually, 30cm – 60cm are the most very likely reasonable distance. So just before sending the posts into the ground, we require to dig holes for the installation. Firstly, evaluate the dimensions of the posts, and make certain the hole’s diameter. Count the length of the panels and make a number of centimeters more between the facilities of the two holes. Use the spade to dig a hole and dig a gap parallel. Simply because we will make a little far more place to send the publish into the ground. Then ship the post and make them stand vertically. Use the Anti-UV plastic clamps or metallic clamps to join the fence panel to the put up. And make sure the duration of the publish standing on the ground stay the very same with other posts.

Software Scenarios

Welded mesh fencing have a extensive assortment of utilizing situations. This kind of welded mesh can not only safeguard the personal home like all fence do, but also enhance the area exactly where it is employed. Consider the playground in the Universities for case in point, Welded mesh fencing with a number of folds and a variety of shades will definitely make the edge of the playground more lively. Since the design is fairly mild. Besides, welded fence panel are a lot more tough than the euro fence and chain url fence, and the folds can also be modified into smaller ones and greater kinds according to the different needs of the sensible consumers.

Packing of the welded mesh fencing from XUHangCZPT fence

CZPT talking, in buy to the defend the welded mesh fencing from currently being rusted, ruined and damped in the container which will be transported on the sea for so a lot of times, we always use the plastic film wrapped exterior of the welded mesh fencing and then loaded on the metal pallet. The plastic film can shield the weld mesh fence from currently being rusted, and the metal pallet which is sturdy adequate to stop the welded mesh fencing from currently being ruined when loading and unloading by the container forklift.

We can also do the packing of the welded wire mesh with the packing belts and then use the plastic movie wrapped outside the house of the weld wire mesh fence, lastly, loaded on the wood pallet which is really smooth to shield the area of the weld mesh from getting scratched.

Nevertheless, if the client in purchase to lower the value and do not want the packing of the welded mesh fencing, we can also offer the welded wire mesh fence in bulk which is CZPT any packing.

With out question, if our pricey consumers have their own concept about the packing the weld mesh fence, we can also design the packing with the concept from our buyer.


6X6 Reinforcing 6 Gauge Welded Wire Mesh Fence Panels

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